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ayurvedic hair oil


Product Details:

Zulfina hair oil is made up of cooking herbs like amla, halila, bhedra, and more in oil. The hair massage oil is very beneficial for women as well as men to maintain the good health of the scalp as well as hair. This oil will give your hair amazing benefits such as 1. Nourished Scalp 2. Remove dandruff 3. Itching remedy 4. Enhance the strength of hair 5. Make hair thick and beautiful. It also helps to prevent hair to turn white. If you keep using it on regular basis then your hair will remain black and shiny for always. It also helps in removing baldness and also prevents the scalp from becoming dry. The following are some additional features of this product: 1. It’s a chemical-free corrective and a superfood. 2. Use as a profound lotion for milder skin and as a pre-wash hair conditioner. 3. It keeps the hair healthy along with the scalp 4. This massage hair oil is one of the best options if your hair is curly. 5. Use as a pre and post-exercise e

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