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Ancient and Antique Original Silver Ram Darbar Coin ( RAM TANKA )


Product Details:

I have an original Ram Darbar Ancient Round Embossed Coin which is several centuries old. Ram Darbar Coins are first introduced in 12th century, a popular silver token found at Ayodhya and other pilgrimage centres of north India, features images of Rama and Lakshmana. This Token is used for entering in Indian temple and it's a good symbol for take it at home too. It is a very rare Ram Darbar Token Coin with very good condition. If anybody really interested to buy this, make sure you have to buy this coin, means potential person should contact me through Whatsapp No. + 91 9005233319 or you can also contact me via Telegram @krishna4seo ( Please avoid direct calling ) NOTE:I have collection of several other vintage coins, contact me if interested

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