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Structural Stability service & certification


Product Details:

We “Cogs Associates” is recognized as the decisive organization in the various sectors like a chartered engineer, valuation, third-party inspection, insurance surveyor, technical audit, etc. We as an authorized competent person, deliver you our vast variety of services. We provide our services being professional chartered engineers and government-approved valuers. As an experienced structural engineer, we offer structural stability services and issue a certificate. We inspect the premises, verify related plans and make an authentic report. In technical audit services, we majorly do fire & safety audits, Energy audits, electrical audits, ventilation audits, housekeeping audits, third-party inspection, risk inspection, etc. In addition, we also provide a portfolio management service. Our service is reliable and flexible. We provide our services to our clients at a reasonable cost. We do have expertise in handling small projects as well as massive projects. For further details visit our w

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