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Dr. Sridhar Devu have 11 years of expertise in Radio Diagnosis, Image-guided Interventions, Minimally invasive Endovascular Interventions and Day care Oncology related procedures. Interventional Radiology is the latest frontier in Medicine, paving new ways and methods of treatment options all done through a 3mm hole in a vessel. Medicine is evolving continuously at a tremendous speed adding years to average life span, unraveling new diseases and complex presentations. Increased access to technology, restricted physical activities, unhealthy lifestyle are contributing to the constant increase in lifestyle related disorders such as obesity, varicose veins, high blood pressure and other associated diseases from an earlier age All the procedures are done under local anesthesia, thereby surgically unfit patients are also taken care of, warding off the risks associated with anesthesia and prolonged stay in the hospital, hence the costs involved are minimized and rapid recovery is ensured.

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