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How does this Blockchain powered Multi Vendor Marketplace Script work


Product Details:

This incredible decentralised Multivendor Marketplace script works very similar to any marketplaces like Amazon, eBay etc. just that its decentralised and powered by the power of Blockchain. Which means it gets all the goodness that comes with the Blockchain. Some of the highlights are: Vendors can directly open a store and start listing their products. They can collect payments form buyers directly as Cryptocurrency. NoPlatform fee, as the entire marketplace is Peer-to-peer and decentralised. They can sell any goods from any part of the world. No restrictions. Buyers can shop securely and pay via. any cryptocurrency directly to the vendors.They can store their Cryptocurrency inside the Marketplace Wallet itself and pay instantly for any products. They can secure their purchase with a moderated escrow payment option. Sellers and Buyers can chat and coordinate inside the platform. They can check the delivery status of the shipment etc. Comes with Windows and Mac apps for

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