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Using Finderguru

You understand and agree to the use of our site which functions on an electronic platform to favor communication between two or more parties for advertising and sharing information related to goods and/ or services. Agreeing to the policy ensures the understanding that the site does not endorse, advertise or promote any of the postings, listings, or information, nor it deals in possession or distribution of any goods and/ or services. It is advised to exercise reasonable diligence and intelligence while dealing with other users on site or before committing to intended sale or purchase of goods or services. For better understanding, go through our Safety tips before carrying out any activity in this regard.

While accessing the listed classifieds or browsing though the comments, discussion forum, and feedback for other services, users agree to post under the relevant category ensuring that the content shall not violate the Prohibited or Restricted Items Policy.

“Your Information", entails to the details provided at the time of registration. You agree to function as a lawful owner possessing all rights, title and interest in the information you offer and agree that you are responsible in the event of breach.

You agree that the posting, listing, or content/information:

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  • Shall not be an expression of bigotry, racism or hatred basis the gender, age, race, religion, lifestyle preference, caste, class, and nationality and / or is offensive or defamatory to a person or a group
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  • Shall not pertain to information which is prohibited under the laws of the Republic of India

You agree to hold sole responsibility for maintaining the discretion of the User ID, Email Address and Password, to restrict the access to computer system or network. The agreement stands that the all activities undertaking under your User ID and Password is the responsibility of the account owner.

The site can be accessed and used by persons, who are Citizens of the Republic of India. As a user, you agree to report any listing which violates the listing policy. In the event of listing that infringes any provision of AUP, we shall exercise the right to terminate or suspend the membership.

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You agree to hold complete accountability and shall not hold any employee, officer, or agent associated with Finderguru for any abuse or illegal activity. Also, you agree to function under the impression that the site does not guarantee the legitimacy of any posting, listing, or information by other users. You agree to function as per the updated AUP or the listing policy any time. Also, access to third party link featured on site is absolutely at your own risk.

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