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Advertisements play an important role in the success of any sort of business. Though the quality of products and services matter the most, if one doesn’t advertise it properly by reaching out to the customers and making them aware of every little detail about the products and services then most of the time the products go unnoticed and the business fails. So advertisements are very important. For small businesses, it may become difficult to spend money on online and offline advertisements.

This is where Finderguru comes into play. Finderguru helps small businesses by posting free online ads to attract potential customers. Finderguru helps businesses sell new as well as secondhand products online. We offer services in real estate, education, and private employment sector. Our services also include searching for housekeeping maids, taxi drivers and technicians for computer repairing and other electronic gadgets. We also sell second-hand products like furniture, electronic items, books and sports equipment.

Here are some benefits of posting free online ads:

  • There is no disputing how important the internet has become as an advertising medium. Classified ads in newspapers neither have the reach nor the popularity that is offered by online classified ads. Today, the number of people who surf the internet far outnumber the people who read any sort of publications.

At FinderGuru, we understand the need for an online advertising space that is affordable even for small businesses. The marketing and advertising business is growing at a rapid rate on the internet and is offering a crucial service to millions of users.

  • It must be mentioned that posting ads on FinderGuru involves no charges of any kind and the buyer only pays the price that the seller is asking. In comparison, any kind of advertisement on television, the print media or the radio, involves some costs. Even if the product remains unsold, this is a great opportunity for the seller to improve the visibility of his or her product on the internet. Posting an online ad is all you need to do as the buyer directly contacts the seller through search results on our website.
  • One of the biggest advantages of posting online classifieds is that your message always reaches the right person. Since these ads are displayed using a template that asserts them according to the category, people interested in buying the item are more likely to see them.

At FinderGuru we have several categories such as vehicles, jobs, personals, and services. This not only helps users navigate our website more easily but also allows the seller to move his product more efficiently.

  • Since most of our users use the location feature while on the app, this ensures only those buyers and sellers match who are likely to meet in person. We offer the option for interested buyers to filter ads not only through their home state but also the city.

In the case of most big metros, there is also the option to filter into smaller regions within the city. This is ideal for sellers who don’t want to travel long distances to sell their product.

  • Posting and removing ads on the FinderGuru website is incredibly easy and either task can be completed in a matter of minutes. Sellers can post an ad by filling out certain details of the item they want to sell, a title and a few pictures of the item itself. Sellers can retract their ad at any time and we also have an automated system that removes ads that have expired after not receiving any interest in a long time.

Any ad you post is not permanent and can be updated and crucial changes can be made whenever the seller wants.

  • At FinderGuru, we have a regularly updated and properly maintained website to make sure buying and selling products is very simple for the customer. The buyer has the option to create an account on the website to keep a track of his or her orders and items of interest. To make sure the buyer only sees ads that have products that are within their budget, we allow users to filter ads based on a minimum and maximum asking price.
  • We are currently based in over sixteen cities spread over India and the hard work and dedication of our staff have made us into one of the fastest growing firms in the online classifieds business. Our popularity stems from our ability to deliver results by always going to the next step to make everything easy for our customers.
  • Unlike e-retailers who only sell new items and certain websites which offer second-hand products, we have a service that allows users to sell both. Thus, if you are a small business, you can establish a credible online presence through our website. However, if you are just interested in selling something which you have already used, you can use our website to post ads.

By posting attractive advertisements about the products and services you are trying to sell like having a head-turning heading and giving all details about the product, one compels a customer to open and read the ad and eventually buy the products and services. You can post a classified ad by first select the category on which you want to post an ad. Then you need to give a title for the ad and add a description and quote a price.

For more clarity, it’s better to post images related to the product or service you are trying to sell. After that, give the full address of your business along with contact and email id. By following this procedure one can post a free classified ad on Finderguru. The versatility of Finderguru lies in the fact that it caters to the needs of all sections of businesses by accommodating multiple services.

The best part of using Finderguru is that it makes your ads premium without any charges if you post an attractive advertisement with full details such as title, description, category, images, city, address, mobile number, email id, etc. This premium ad stays valid for 15 days and helps to attract many new customers. At FinderGuru, we have a dependable and dedicated community who can help you with any question you have.

If required, you can also contact us at given number or visit our website for more details.

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