PROLAPSE OF female internal reproductive organ

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Sensation of heaviness or propulsion in your pelvis? Uterine prolapse happens once girdle muscles and ligaments stretch and weaken and not give enough support for the female internal reproductive organ. As a result, the female internal reproductive organ slips down into or protrudes out of the epithelial duct. Uterine prolapse will occur in ladies of any age. however it usually affectspostmenopausal ladies who've had one or additional canal deliveries. Symptoms embrace urinary issues, like excreta run (incontinence) or excreta retention, hassle having a laxation, feeling as if you are sitting on alittle ball or as if one thing is severance of your epithelial duct and sexual considerations. At CURE, we have a tendency to discuss the signs and symptoms of female internal reproductive organ prolapse before take necessary action.