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Avail gold loan in Gurgaon - Call 9876664944 The people of Gurgaon can now have their own “Kingdom of dreams” with a gold loan. A gold loan is the immediate and most profitable solution for all your small needs and wants. All you need is your physical gold, choose the right firm according to your needs, and the work is done! There is no minimum or maximum quantity of gold required from you to apply for a gold loan, you can loan money from as much gold as you keep at stake. In most of the banks, you can get around 80% of the market value as the loan amount. The only concern that a gold loan lender has is the purity and quality of your gold. Your ornaments should be of more than 18 carats and in case you are keeping your bank minted gold coins or gold bars as collateral, they should be of 24 carats. With the multiple options that Gurgaon offers you, with Diala Bank obtaining a gold loan is like a cakewalk. You do not need long hours, all you require to do is fill a form o