Stainless Steel Weld Neck Flanges Manufacturer in India

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Akai Metal India Manufacture stainless steel flanges according to ASME, EN, ISO, and DIN standards. Stainless steel Weld neck flanges This is planned to be joined to a piping system by buttwelding. It is relatively exclusive because of Its neck but is favored for high-stress applications. The neck or hub conveys stresses to the base of the hub to the wall width at the butt weld, provide important reinforcement of the flange. The bore of the stainless steel Weld neck flange matches the bore of the pipe, reducing turbulence and erosion. We have Skilled staff to maintain the quality of products throughout the manufacturing process from the selection of raw material to processing, marking, packaging, storage, and transportation. Our Stainless steel Weld neck Flanges are 100% inspected before being packed and dispatched & all our materials are tested to International standards. Sometimes we also accept Third Party Inspection appointed by our clients.