Root canal treatment cost in Chennai

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Root Canal Treatment is required when tooth decay progresses to involve the dental pulp and nerve of the tooth, which results in an infection at the tip of the tooth root, causing pain and sometimes swelling or the tooth may feel loose. In such cases, in order to save the tooth, a root canal treatment must be done. Sometimes, there may no symptoms if the infection is present for a long time. Root canal treatment is avoidable if tooth decay is addressed in the initial stages by a simple filling. The root canal treatment cost in Chennai is also much more than a simple filling. While a tooth filling is done on the crown portion (the part of the tooth visible in the mouth) before the tooth root gets infected, root canal treatment involves filling of the entire tooth till the tip of the root. After a root canal treatment, the tooth will lose all sensation but will remain firm in the mouth as long as the gums and bone are healthy. Since there is no sensation, it is important to protect th