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Eppeok is an industry leader when it comes to imparting best-in-class training courses. Hundreds of learners associate with us on a constant basis with an urge to gain technological insights. We highly acknowledge the career goals and productivity of our learners. Therefore, we shape our training programs to make them complement the needs of professionals as well as the beginners. We strive to develop the talent of our students and promote a constant learning environment for them. Check out the top events happening in Eppeok Institute Of Technology along with venue details. https://eppeok.guru/events/ CONTACT INFO Eppeok institute Of Technology E2/3 Stesalit Towers Block EP & GP, Sector V, 3rd Floor, Room No. 305 Salt Lake, West Bengal Kolkata- 700091 Call us at +917044006959/03340010207 Visit our Website https://eppeok.guru/ Email us :info@eppeok.guru