Herbal Immune tonic for kids | Jrk's Immuno BS herbal tonic

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JRK's Immuno BS Herbal Tonic for immunityin children has proven protection against Respiratory syncytial virus which shows its immunomodulatory effect. Herbal tonic for immunity that fights against RSV. Herbal tonic for immunity keeps infections away and removes toxins. Herbal tonic for immunity stimulates appetite and enhances digestion. Herbal tonic for immunity has herbs like Celastruspaniculatus boosts humoral immunity, Indigoferaaspalathoides possess protective effect against carcinogens. Natural herbal tonic for immunity with anti-oxidant effect that increase RBC and WBC count thereby offering immunomodulatory effect.Bioflavonoids in Corallocarpusepigaeus have potent anti-oxidant effect. Possess anti-helminthic and anti-microbial properties. Herbal tonic for immunity possess Bacopamonnieriin herbal tonic for immunitywhich is a well-known neuroprotective agent and improves the memory by affecting GABAergic system. Ocimum sanctum in herbal tonic for immunity reduces stress, improve