Total knee replacement Surgery: Dr. Bharath

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A Total knee replacement, also known as total knee arthroplasty, involves eliminating damaged parts of the knee, and capping the rectal surfaces using man-made prosthetic implants. Cutting guides or blocks are adjusted into the femoral condyles. Retractors hold tissue apart from the joint and also then protect the security ligaments as well as patellar tendon once the bones have been all not cut. Employing the manuals, the surgeon creates precise cuts to eliminate degenerative parts of the femur and sculpt the endings to just accept that the femoral prosthesis. After that, a homogenous manual is placed to accurately eliminate a little segment of the surface. In case the patella needs fixing, a string of similar steps have been utilized to eradicate the damaged part and get ready to the augmentation. For more details, please visit or call us @ 9662736666.