How to Purchase Quality Shafts and Gear Box?

  • By kartik gupta
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It is important that the transmission gears and shafts that you select should be as per specifications. This is important or else it may not function well. You may have to look into a number of factors when getting it custom made. Consider input power and speed The main function of a shaft and gearbox is to provide the vehicle with top speed and performance. You also have to consider the overall torque required at the output end. Each type has to be custom made depending on the total number of hours you are going to use the vehicle. Consider the load factor Gearbox and shaft selection also has to be considered looking into the overall load factor. It is obvious that you may have to consider transmission gears and shafts that can accommodate multiple supports at the point of intersection. This offers with benefit where one of the gears can be left overhung at any time.