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If you have plans to open a school, one of the issues that you must take into account is whether you should require students to wear india school uniforms or not. While there are disadvantages to wearing uniforms, their benefits far outweigh them, especially if you're going to look at things from a more practical and logical point of view. Here are the benefits of requiring students to wear a uniform. Why Require Students to Wear Uniforms? 1. Uniformity and sense of identity School uniforms help create uniformity amongst the students. Apart from this, it also gives them a sense of unity and identity. It helps them to easily distinguish themselves from students of other schools. 2. Sense of pride By wearing a school uniform, a student can show his or her pride for the school that he or she belongs to, especially if the school in question has established a reputation for producing exemplary students who excel in academics and/or athletics. It gives them the confidence to