Parrots And Fertile Tested Parrot Eggs

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Ad Description

We are experience and specialist breeder of macaw parrots,African grey parrots,amazons,cockatoos , electus and many other species of parrots . We have available the following species of parrots and fertile parrot eggs available for sale Hyacinth macaw Blue and Gold Macaw Green Wing Macaw Scarlet macaw Military macaw Hahns macaw Catalina macaw Black palm cockatoo Umbrella cockatoo Triton cockatoo Greater sulfur cockatoo Sulpher Crested cockatoo Galah cockatoo PINK Cockatoo Moulucan cockatoo Blue Fronted Amazon Double yellow head Amazon Lilac Amazon Yellow Nape Amazon Crown amazon Panama amazon Vosmaeri Electus Electus redsided Solomon electus Grand Electus african Grey All our parrots are hand reared in our home aviary by experienced breeders and well handled to ensure the birds are calm and used to human hands unlike others who don't put the time and effort into their birds .All parrots are close rung and come with a hatch certificate and DNA tested. As breeders of large parrots spec