What is Mass Communication and its scope in India?

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Mass communication is communicating information that is unknown to people worldwide, thus making information accessible to everyone, using the most advanced technological platform. Ten years back, mass correspondence classes used to had just a bunch number of understudies, yet now the situation has changed tremendously. The tremendous mass correspondence employments in various regions like Newspapers, diaries, promoting films, radio, creation houses, distribution houses, and Television are sufficient to interest any understudy towards taking up this course versus others. Aside from the number of occupations, the test, inventive fulfillment, and great compensation bundle, these employments are a portion of different elements for the understudies to move towards. Additionally, on the off chance that one needs name and notoriety, this is the best field. By taking up callings like Radio Jockeys or Anchors, one can ascend to acclaim quickly. DBGI provides the best mass communication course