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Ziyyara Edutech provides need-based one-on-one online live tuition for the students of Class 5-12. Ziyyara's one-on-one online tuition services are available globally for every student for all boards who need help with their homework, any persisting doubts, also prepare for their exams. We get thousands of inquiries from students to kick start their one-on-one tuition every day. So, start your personalized online learning today from our experienced online tutors. Founded by Kavita Sharma, CEO at Ziyyara Edutech Pvt. Ltd. and angle investor from Oman with an aim of providing online tuition globally. It is an emerging one-on-one live online tuition platform liked by students and is flourishing every day, expanding its the sphere of the relation among the students. Our primary focus is in 3 countries; India, Oman, and Egypt. However it's not limited to these countries only, we are getting students from other countries as well; Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, US, UK, and 7 other c