What are the career options after completing a BJMC course?

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There are plenty of job opportunities available after the completion of Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication. Still, selection among those depends on one's interest and inclination towards the field. If you are interested in journalism, then the job outlines, which can be helpful for you can be - Journalist/News reporter, News Presenter/ Anchor, TV Correspondent. Etc. If photography fascinates you, you can become - Fashion/ Wedding/ Wildlife/ Journalist Photographer. If you have an interest in films and want to narrate stories to the masses, then you can go for becoming - Producer, Filmmakers, ScreenWriter, etc. If radio interests you, you can develop your career in the audio sector as Radio Jockey/ RJ. If you want to establish a career in advertising, you can become a Public Relations Officer, Advertiser, Copy Writer, Content Writer, etc. These are a few job profiles that are assessable for the BJMC aspirants other than these. There are many different profiles as we